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From Rio To Sligo: 8 Places For 2016 Holiday Ideas

When's the last time you thought about going to Canberra, Vienna, Limerick or Dakhla (that's in the Western Sahara FYI)

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Where are you going in 2016?

When booking a flight can take a few taps on a phone, it can be easy to overlook some holiday spots that are being passed up on. When there are so many common holiday spots that are a cheap flight away from home, a trip to Amsterdam/Paris/Rome can quickly descend in to fighting for Wi-Fi in Starbucks and settling on a Maccy D's when arguing over what to do for dinner.

So what undiscovered hotspots around the world should be on your radar this year?

Here are 8 perfect getaways you've probably not even thought of!

8. Sligo

Remember Westlife? Yes this is what life for a boyband in 2000 looked like. They got their name because they came from the town of Sligo, which funnily enough, sits on the west coast of Ireland.

When most people travel to Ireland, it's a stay in Dublin and a quick jaunt to Cork or Belfast. Yet many people don't head west to see everything Ireland has to offer.

The town of Sligo gives a good idea of what night-life in Ireland is really like, with hardly a tourist trap in sight and a slew of quaint pubs playing traditional pubs. Just don't go asking for Westlife karaoke if you visit.

7. Varadero


With Cuba now suddenly the hottest holiday destination for Americans, it will only be a matter of time before brand names start popping up across Havana's popular hubs. If you want a real sense of Cuban life, and the chance to sip Mojitos on the beach, Varadero is where you need to be.

The area grew in popularity, and notoriety, in the 1920s when Al Capone and other gangsters set up luxury resorts right on the beach front. Today the only danger you'll have is with cave dives and some of the thrilling water sports that take place.

6. Rhodes

Mark Warner / Via

Greek has given the world so much: Math, philosophy, great yogurt and one great Disney film. And while it helped us learn Greek history is just about two minutes, the country is chock full of islands that are unlike any other European getaway you'll find. After the recent economic problems Greece has had, summer holidays in 2016 are much cheaper than neighbouring countries and you're able to get more bang for your buck.

Rhodes is known for being a surfer and sailing paradise as it's location gives it a perfect sea breeze.

5. New Orleans

If you prefer a holiday that's hot and sweaty and has a good bar to boot, New Orleans is a must. It is much more laid back than the coastal hotposts of New York, LA and Florida and is known for its hospitality. While many people tend to go around the Mardi-Gras period when every hotel room is booked to capacity, in the summer the city really comes in to its own.

Attractions like the National WWII Museum, Jackson Square and Angelo's Ice Cream offer a diverse and incredibly fun way to see what life in the south is like.

4. Canberra

Almost everyone has a friend of relative who's made the big move out east for a job in Australia. And while it's fun to stay in Sydney and Melbourne, there are a small handful of Australian cities that give a truer taste of Aussie life.

The overlooked capital of Canberra is the natural hub of the country. It has a more spacious feel than Sydney and contains the majority of the country's national museums. It's also the home to this weird looking building, The Austrailian Parliament House

3. Vienna


Add a bit of culture to your diary this year by visiting Vienna. It's a bit hard to sell a city to younger travellers whenever everything there looks old and fancy, but the Austrian capital is one of the most laid back cities in Europe; arguably much more than Amsterdam and Barcelona.

It is deviously more southerly than you would imagine (its closer to Venice than it is to Berlin), which means that it can get super hot in the summer months. They also have a special summertime drink that is a wine shandy in a big pint glass with lots of ice, which is much more classier than asking for "dos cervezas" on the Spanish coast.

2. Seattle

A summer holiday to the east coast of America typically brings up visions of cruising along by the beach in California. You can do one better this year though by doing a "Frasier" and hopping up north to Seattle, and the greater Washington area. It is one of the most open cities in America and has a landscape that wouldn't be out of place in Scotland.

Just make sure you don't spend all day indoors drinking coffee or you won't sleep for a week.

1. Malta (All Of It)

Chevron Holidays / Via

Try and get someone to point out Malta on a map and you're going to see a pointed finger hover over the Mediterranean for a while (It's to the south of Italy if you're having trouble).

Malta is bit unlike every other small island like country in Europe and I mean that in a good way. It is growing ever so slowly in stature as a party island with big festivals like AMP Lost And Found offering dance acts at a fraction of the price you get over in Ibiza.

It also has a whole host of historic churches and castles that make Instagram worthy pics with #NoFilter easy to take.

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