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8 Ways You're Not Using Your Radiator (But Could)

Spring has sprung and it's time to turn the thermostat down. Gone are the cold dark days of winter, only to be replaced with cold wet days of spring. If you're about to turn down your radiators for the next few months, what could you possibly do with them to make them better? Here are 8 ideas you've probably never thought of.

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2. Use your radiator as a tea holder


Don't have a cat but still leave a good cup of tea? Grab a radiator plate. These plates are made especially for radiators to keep hot drinks hot and your buns warm, with special grooves on the plate that stop it from slipping around.

3. Use it as a chair


Have a spare radiator sitting around that you can be sitting around in? Get yourself a radiator chair. This chair in particular was created by Dutch designer Jeroen Wesselink and can actually function as a normal radiator if you can handle sitting in a hot seat.

4. Use it as one big LEGO set

LEGO. Is there anything it can't do amazingly? While not an official product, these Leagoo radiators are scaled up versions of the colourful bricks that were designed to be used for children's bedrooms.

And yes you can remove the other coloured bricks and move them about if you want.

5. Use it to become a graffiti artist

If you're a bit sick of staring at the same old boring white radiator every day, why not take it off the wall, lay some sheets outside and grab some cans.

Most radiators are painted with a basic heat resistant paint that helps to heat rooms up faster, so a little colourful layer of spray paint won't do any harm.

Just please remember to paint it in a big open space and not while it's still on the wall or else you'll be left with a big multicolour grid on your wall.

6. Use it as a massive puzzle board

Who said radiators can't be fun?

This is a stupidly simple and practical idea if you have a radiator in a room where small children and don't want them to touch the hot surface, bump their heads and generally do anything silly that can happen to a kid beside a radiator.

A big cover, with some holes carved out at the front can turn it in to a movable part, and still give out heat all day long.

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