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7 Weirdest Medical Finds On YouTube

YouTube is an incredible thing. You can watch just about anything on it; whether it's a cat that eats with a fork, how to paint your umbrella, or celebrities in Japanese commercials, there is seemingly something for anything you could possibly search for. For me, the tunnel I always end up going down on YouTube is with medical videos. What started as a I to learn how to stretch and touch my toes became a game of being drawn to videos in the sidebar and watching people having their spines re-aligned before you know it. And while some of the stuff I see could make you wish you hadn't eaten your lunch, there are some quite amazing medical finds on YouTube. On this list you'll see 7 that go from top to toe and in between. BE WARNED THOUGH: some of these aren't for those who get easily queasy.

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1. Pimple Popping

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Now this first one is an extremely popular little sub-set of YouTube, with subreddits dedicated to finding the best popping videos out there.

For many people, watching someone else squeeze a spot is extremely satisfying to see. Dr Sandra Lee (aka Dr Pimple Popper) is the most well known online, with her videos racking up millions of views. The video I've got here is essentially her greatest this (or should that be pops?) showing how she can tackle a blackhead that is just about anywhere.

If you're the type of person who loves popping spots on their partner's back then this will be right up your alley.

2. Mole Removal

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So pimples are one thing, but what do we do when it's a Mole! Bloody mole! We aren't supposed to talk about the bloody mole.

Moles can be removed in many ways. Some use cream. Some use blades. But not everyone uses Radiowaves!

Snowberry Lane Clinic in England uses radiosurgery to remove moles without damaging the skin and causing any real bleeding that would of course happen if you got a scalpel out and starting cutting at it.

I don't have any moles thankfully, but if I did it seems that travelling for mole removal Bristol seems to be the way to go.

Science folks; it can do incredible things.

3. Skin Peels

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Everyone wants perfectly flawless skin, especially on our faces, but while some people will shy away from putting up how broken out their forehead or cheeks may be online, some brave souls are all for showing you their before and after pictures of skin peel treatments.

You can get peels for different parts of the body, but everyone always thinks of a peel as something you get for your face & YouTube is a treasure trove of videos that will make you question people's sanity for happily applying chemicals that can burn right on their faces.

This video of Jessica Rom shows you in real time a face getting more and more red as the peel gets to work. In many cases a chemical peel isn't actually something that you layer on and then peel off, but just a cream you wipe away.

It's also worth nothing that this video is on the tamer end of the scale. There are some videos like this one that would make you fear even putting a drop of moisturiser on your face.

4. Laser Hair Removal

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Put down those wax strips and remove yourself from the Nair zone. If you really hate having hair somewhere you wouldn't want it, you can zap it away in seconds with some nifty laser action.

I did see a lot of videos of ladies having their private areas worked on which are all mostly NSFW, but I did come across this rather strange things of men having hair removed from their chests.

In this video you see the before, during and after of someone with a hairy chest who wants smooth skin instead. There's a part roughly 1 minute in to the video where you hear the wand the doctor is holding start making popping noises and then you actually see the whole hair pop out!

And then about 4 minutes in the doctor just grabs some cotton pads and wipes them away. It's mental! I'll stick to having a few hairs on my chest I think.

5. Hair Implants

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And what about if you want to keep your hair?

I get a bit lightheaded just thinking about having to have a needle prodded in my arm at the doctors, so I can't even begin to imagine why someone would get it.

The video I found showing the treatment being carried is arguably the craziest 90-ish seconds I've ever seen on YouTube because it raises so many questions:

* Why does the back of his head look like that?

* Why is the camera moving from side to side so much?

* Why can we hear traffic outside?

* Why did he get hair removed from his chest?

The list is endless really. I'm really hoping his hair grew OK and he wasn't left with the back of his head looking like someone had been tapping it with a red ballpoint pen.

6. Laser Tattoo Removal

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Tattoos are tough but you know what is tougher? Getting the bloody things removed.

This video shows a guy for his 11th (YES ELEVENTH) treatment to get all the tattoo he had on his face removed. From about 2 minutes in you get to see the treatment in progress.

Basically, a surgeon will get a high intensity laser and hold it over the tattoo. This breaks down the skin cells to a point where the ink being held together breaks down too and leaves the body.

I can't imagine what it must feel like to sit getting a tattoo and then go through the whole thing again to get rid of it. You can point a laser around his eyebrow all your want. There's no way I'm having anything like that near mine.

7. Chiropractors

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Ok. I've saved this one until last because it's the one weird medical thing on YouTube that I can't get enough of. Sitting at a desk all day means that come 5 o'clock I have to knock myself out of a hunched over state to head home.

If you're reading this right now and your eye-line is at about the middle of your computer screen, stand up tall and stretch that back out.

The videos Chiropractors put up online are amazing because you get to see some cases of people who are walking about in constant pain suddenly get a massive look of relief on their faces that you usually only get when you hear someone say "FREE ICE CREAM"

Watching them for more than five minutes does makes me wonder just how many people out there have back problems from being on computers and their phones all day.

May favourite of all the videos are any that this guy, an Australian Chiropractor, puts up. Their like mini episodes that show what a patient is like coming in, identifying what the problem is and then CRACK, all fixed as good as new.

Watch a few and you'll definitely want to start stretching first thing in the morning.

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