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Which DBU Music Slytherin Are You?

Find out which of the infamous Slytherins you have the most in common with.

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  1. Which kind of music do you most often listen to?

    The Eagles
    Relient K
    My Piano Pieces
    Sam Smith
  2. Which of these places sounds more fun to visit?

    Why bother answering? I'll be on tour soon anyways
  3. What's that sound?

    Wait, what's going on?
    It's probably someone practicing their music
    That's my new guitar pedal
    The coffee machine pouring my cup of joe
  4. Who is your favorite professor?

    Dr. Holcomb
    Dr. Wallace
    Dr .Weaver
    Swag Daddy G aka Mr. Dr. Professor Graf
  5. What is your favorite movie?

    August Rush
    Napoleon Dynamite
    Star Wars
    Nacho Libre
  6. It's a Friday evening, what are your plans?

    Go out with some friends to IHOP
    Have a jam session with my bros
    Xbox until 4 A.M.
  7. What does your Facebook wall look like?

    Updates and pictures of my life
    Promotions for my musical career
    COFA Announcements
    I pretty much only like other people's posts
    Dank Memes and Dad Jokes
  8. Fast food place of choice?

    Burger King
    Wherever everyone else wants to go
    I'll just eat at the caf
  9. What's your favorite drink?

    Root Beer
    Black coffee
  10. Which quidditch position do you play?

    I don't really know much about quidditch
  11. What is your favorite TV show?

    Friday Night Lights
    Gilmore Girls
    The Office
    The Flash
    Whatever's on
  12. What second language to you really wish you could speak?

    Does this mean I have to take diction?
    Yo hablo espaƱol
  13. Which New Girl character best represents you?

    I don't watch New Girl
  14. Who would win in a fight?

    Anakin Skywalker
    Me, duh
  15. Favorite Superhero?

    Green Arrow
    The Winter Soldier
  16. In a fire, how would you react?

    Panic and scream
    Freeze up then get ahold of yourself
    Calmly begin to lead people out of the building
    Casually just leave the room
    Break the glass in the window...without cutting yourself

Which DBU Music Slytherin Are You?

You got: Derek

You are a social butterfly who loves meeting new people and making new friends. You tend to see the best in people even when they themselves do not. You aspire for greatness and you take on a lot of responsibilities. You are a lovable softy and it is hard for people not to like you.

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You got: Lauren

You are a friendly and caring person who is fiercely loyal to your friends. You are level headed and down-to-earth (except when you haven't had your coffee). You are often the first one to laugh at a joke and the life of the party, yet you also are seen as the voice of reason amongst your friends. You are kind and caring unless provoked, and your heart can be won with medium rare steak.

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You got: Cassidee

You're a social person who loves to be around people, so long as they don't annoy you (or you them). You are thrifty and do not like to spend a lot of money, but you enjoy doing random things with your friends. You are edgy without a good nap everyday, and you tend to not care about speed limits.

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You got: Garrett

You are the quiet and reserved one of the group. You tend to watch others and see how they act in situations before putting yourself out there. you are slow to open up to others but when you do, you form very tight bonds and friendships. You are considered the "omnivert" of the group, enjoying your time with friends but also some time alone. You are careful in new situations and picky with details, but when you choose to cut loose, you sometimes overdue it. You are generous and fiercely loyal to those closest to you.

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You got: Sam

You are the social wildcard. You are often quiet and reserved amongst those you don't know but quickly open up and become the center of attention. You are passionate and driven, and will stop at nothing to achieve your goals. You have great natural talent and others are often envious of that. You are very thrifty and conservative with your spending and you tend to try to stay busy, either with work, school, or one of your dozens of friends.

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