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The Math: Saving America Using The Electoral College

Spoiler Alert: It all comes down to Texas.

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The Electoral College Can Save The USA

YES! This is a hail-mary of a shot in the dark, but it's no crazier than this election.

This may feel dry and complicated, but here are the brief facts:

1) The Republican President Elect won the appointment by 38 Electors.

2) Texas has 38 Electors and Texas allows Faithless Electors.

3) On December 20th, if Texas' Republican Electors vote Democratic, then there will be a contested election.

Who are the Electors?

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The Electoral College is made of people! That's right, PEOPLE! Humans who have the same feelings and emotions as you and I. And, more importantly, their votes are the ones that ACTUALLY matter when electing a president.

Most importantly, they are citizens with no stake in the race since they cannot be someone who holds office or investment in the country.

Under the Constitution, State legislatures have broad powers to direct the process for selecting electors, with one exception regarding the qualifications of electors. Article II, section 1, clause 2 provides that "no Senator, Representative, or Person holding an Office of Trust or Profit under the United States" may be appointed as an elector. It is not settled as to whether this restriction extends to all Federal officials regardless of their level of authority or the capacity in which they serve, but we advise the States that the restriction could disqualify any person who holds a Federal government job from serving as an elector.

As you (unfortunately) may know, the Electoral College ACTUALLY votes for and elects the President. The American people ONLY vote for the Electors. In turn, the Electors submit their vote for the presidential candidate based on the popular vote of their state.

29 States Require Electors To Vote With State's Popular Vote

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To enforce that vote, twenty-nine states plus the District of Columbia have laws to penalize faithless electors, although these have never been enforced.

Introducing: The Faithless Voters

A "Faithless Voter" is someone who votes differently the state's popular vote.

Let's Be Real. Who Will Change Their Vote?

Why would the electoral college members vote against a majority of what their populous wants? But what about those who see that a large minority of their populous want the other candidate?

Here's Where It Gets Interesting

Clinton has 232 Electors* dedicated to vote for her. This means she needs 38 Electors to vote for her in order to have a contested election.

*For some reason, Michigan has not been finalized, but it's leaning republican so I'm not counting its 16 votes.

But Faithless Voters Don't Really Exist

They do! It occurs very rarely, but they have altered the outcome of presidency before! It made the difference in 1836 and gave Van Buren the presidency, and now we've never even heard of Richard Mentor Johnson.

Usually, the faithless electors act alone. An exception was the 1836 election, in which all 23 Virginia electors acted together.The 1836 election was the only occasion when faithless electors altered the outcome of the electoral college vote. The Democrat ticket won states with 170 of the 294 electoral votes, but the 23 Virginia electors abstained in the vote for Vice President, so the Democrat candidate, Richard Mentor Johnson, got only 147 (exactly half), and was not elected. However, Johnson was elected Vice President by the U.S. Senate.

IMPORTANT DATE: December 20th

This is the date the Electors actually cast their ballot.

If you want to be proactive about contacting the republican party's senators and congressmen, they need to make their final decisions about which Electors they select by December 16th.

Winner Take All

Because of each state's "Winner take all" rule, if 20 of the 38 Electorates vote Democratic, Texas turns blue and we have a contested election that is decided by the Senate.

If Texas abstains from voting, the Republican Nominee will still win.

Contested Election

If both candidates get to 270, the Senate then decides who will be president. With many republican senators denouncing the Republican President-elect, there is a good chance this could swing in the other direction.

Some Texas party members look to vote with their conscience.


"Texas elector [Chris Suprun] threatens not to vote Trump"

Here's A List Of All Texas Republican Electors:

Marty Rhymes

Thomas Moon

Carol Sewell

John Harper

Sherrill Lenz

Nicholas Ciggelakis

Will Hickman

Landon Estay

Rex Lamb

Rosemary Edwards

Matt Stringer

Shellie Surles

Melissa Kalka

Sandra Cararas

David Thackston

Robert Bruce

Margie Forster

Scott Mann

Marian K. Stanko

Tina Gibson

Ken Muenzter

Alexander Kim

Virginia Abel

Curtis Nelson

Kenneth Clark

Candace Noble

Fred Farias

John Dillard

Tom Knight

Marian Knowlton

Rex Teter

Stephen Suprun Jr.*

Jon Jewett

Susan Fischer

Lauren Byers

William Greene

Mary Lou Erben

Arthur Sisneros*

The article speaks of Chris Suprun (who's Stephen?) and Art Sisneros who are current sitting members.

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