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12 Things Girls Are Tired Of Hearing

Stop all of that. At least with Garnier, you'll have #OneLessGirlProblem.

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1. "Why is a girl like you still single?"

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Why are you still talking to me?

2. “Smile! You look prettier when you smile!”

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Cool. You look prettier when you keep your mouth closed.

3. "Is it that time of the month?"

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Do you mean that time of the month where you say something stupid? Guess it is.

4. “Really? You’re going to eat another piece of cake?”

Shôchiku Eiga / Via

Yes. Deal with it.

5. "Do you have any hot friends for me?"

No. No I do not.

6. “You’re cute when you’re angry.”

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7. "Real women have curves."

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You want to think about that a little more?

8. *Whistles and catcalls*

Finishing the Hat / Via

Please, tell me more.

9. "Don’t be so uptight! Loosen up!"


^ What she said.

10. "Sure you can handle that by yourself?"

I'll be able to handle it when you go away, sure.

11. "I'm not trying to sound sexist, but..."

12. "Sweetie" / "Honey" / "Cutie" / "Princess"

"What happened to your hair?"

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Humidity happened — that’s what, but Garnier is there to help solve life's Frizzasters, so that’s #OneLessGirlProblem.

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