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15 Girl Problems That Are Definitely Real Problems

The struggle of being a woman is real. Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine will help you tackle frizzy hair... and that's #OneLessGirlProblem.

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There are the outfit problems:

Ghislain & Marie David de Lossy, Maiwolf, Alex Mares-Manton, Laurence Monneret / Via Getty

There are the shaving problems:

There are undergarment problems. Quite a few of those:

There are cake problems:

Eyelash problems:

Universal Pictures / Via

Those problems that come once a month:

Alix McAlpine / BuzzFeed

And those problems that will just never go away:

MTV Networks / Via

Some guys get girl problems too. The struggle is that real.

But mostly they don't...

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