Celebrating 20 Years Of The Backstreet Boys

Let’s face it - we’ll always want it that way.

This year the best boy band in the business is celebrating their 20th anniversary! The Backstreet Boys started in 1993, first becoming successful across the pond in Europe, and then making it big in the states in 1997. They have had some of the best pop songs (I mean, who doesn’t start dancing when “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” comes on?) but for some reason, recent pop culture has deemed them uncool. The guys have had their hard times, one of them even left the group for a few years, but their fans have stayed loyal (including myself) and with all five of them together again, I have a feeling, their new album, releasing July 30th, will bring the boys back to the top of the charts.

To celebrate their 20th anniversary, the release of their new album, and their world tour (get info and buy tickets at www.backstreetboys.com), I have put together a list of my 20 favorite BSB songs. Enjoy and let me know what your favorite song was!

1. Get Down (Backstreet Boys)

How can you not fall in love with 5 hot guys dancing on top of a disco ball? Not to mention the fact that their “getting down” move is pushing up towards the ceiling…

2. Just To Be Close To You (Backstreet Boys - European version)

This song was released on the self-titled album that was sold in Europe when the boys were first getting big. For some reason, the song didn’t make the cut when it came to putting together the US version but it’s still one of my favorites. While the studio version is fine (it has one of Kevin’s trademark spoken intros) I am sharing the much much much better live version from the Homecoming Concert in Orlando, which I have recorded on a VHS tape in my house. Don’t judge.

3. Hey Mr. DJ (Keep Playin’ This Song) (Backstreet’s Back)

My favorite version of this song, from the same Homecoming concert, only because of A.J. at 3:41

4. All I Have to Give (Backstreet’s Back)

While the music video doesn’t even compare to the one for “As Long As You Love Me”, I love the song better

5. That’s What She Said (Backstreet’s Back - European Version)

This is another song that didn’t make the cut for the US version but it is a beautiful song written by the band’s own Brian Littrell. I know the title makes it seem like it’s something dirty but it’s really a great song!

6. Larger Than Life (Millennium)

This fan favorite turned our beloved boys into super heros! But only if you went to Burger King to get the action figures and the special CD’s in the kids meals.

7. Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely (Millenium)

While it is a very sad song, it is hauntingly beautiful and it’s amazing when you listen to the guys talk about the meaning behind it.

8. Shape of My Heart (Black and Blue)

The video never made much sense to me but the song is worth all of Howie’s long, straightened hair and everything being tinted blue.

9. Everyone (Black and Blue)

Skip to 3:45 otherwise you will watch a very long and pointless intro. And yes, Kevin has cornrows.

10. How Did I Fall in Love With You (Black and Blue Bonus Track)

Unfortunately there is no video of them performing this song but it is truly one of the best songs they ever did. Such beautiful lyrics that everyone can relate to.

11. Siberia (Never Gone)

Again, there wasn’t a good recording of them performing it but this is my favorite song from the album “Never Gone” which was also the last album Kevin did with them before coming back last year.

12. Inconsolable (Unbreakable)

This was the first single the boys released without Kevin Richardson and while you could tell that his lovely bass was missing, it just proved that the boys were still going strong.

13. Intro (Unbreakable)

While this is only an Intro from the CD, it is one of the most beautiful things I have ever heard them sing.

14. Bigger (This is Us)

Personally, this should be a classic BSB song, I just love it!

15. Undone (This is Us)

This song is hot. Plain and simple.

16. It’s Christmas Time Again

Ignore the weird cartoon stuff and this will become your new favorite Christmas song! This was the first song with Kevin Richardson back and it set the boys off on their 20th anniversary journey.

17. Don’t Turn Out The Lights (NKOTBSB)

This was the single they released with New Kids On The Block when they went on their mega-boy-band tour 2 years ago. While no one is at their best, I would like to point out that my boys sound better than all the New Kids…

18. Drowning (The Hits - Chapter 1)

Hands down the best single they ever released. There is also a “wet version” of this song. Yes, it is as bad as it sounds.

19. That’s The Way I Like It (Backstreet Boys - European version)

Another early song that was never officially released in the US but it is my all time favorite song from their early years. This performance just makes it better.

20. Stuck in Traffic

Hands down best song ever. By anyone. Ok yes it’s not a real BSB song but you have to admit how awesome it is. I also have to point out that it worries me when their driver says they didn’t go through customs…

Congratulations guys!

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