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Here's What The Days Of The Week Would Be Like If They Were Celebrities

Man crush Mondays will never be the same again.

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Sunday - Blake Lively


Why: Sundays are a blessing in disguise. They are the day of recovery we never knew we needed. Sundays are meant to be chill and comfortable, while still a little adventurous. In short, Sundays are just so amazingly beautiful in every way possible.

Monday - Donald Trump

Why: Mondays are the absolute worst. Naturally, they bring out the worst in all of us because they mark the ending of something good: the weekend. During the weekend you were free to live your life as you choose. You had nothing holding you down and could spread your wings and fly. But by Monday morning, you are no longer free. You are confined to your small workplace or school, awaiting the day you'll be free once again. :'(

Tuesday - Justin Bieber

Why: Tuesdays have a bad rep, but we can all agree that they have their moments. They aren't the most useful because most times they seem to drag on and on, unless something scandal-worthy happens. They are in no way as problematic as Mondays, but will never be near Saturdays' greatness.

Wednesday - Kylie Jenner


Why: Everybody has a clear opinion about Wednesdays. You either hate them passionately, or love them profusely, and there is nothing that will change your mind. For many, Wednesday is the "hump" day or middle point in the week that you have to overcome so you can get that much closer to Friday. Just remember: Wednesdays may be annoying, but just keep your head up and you'll get through it.

Thursday - Sia


Why: Thursday is one of the most underrated days of the week. Most times we forget about it and rush through it because we're eager for Friday. But if you take the time to smell the roses and enjoy your Thursday, you'll quickly realize how amazing it really is.

Friday - Leonardo DiCaprio

USA Today

Why: Think of Friday as an Oscar. You wait, for what feels like a lifetime, for Friday. Finally when it arrives, you feel like the luckiest person in the world. Friday is your well deserved reward after that long and gruesome week of a little thing we call life. Raise your glass, you deserve it!

Saturday - Beyoncé

Why: Saturday is your day. You can spend it doing anything you could possibly dream of. Saturday will never compare to any of the other days just because of it's sheer perfection. Do we really need any more of an explanation?

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