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The Characters Of "Parks And Rec" As Zodiac Signs

Case closed.

Aries - Leslie Knope


Leslie is like a firecracker among the Pawnee government. She’s chock full of ambition, determination, and optimism, making her the obvious choice as the Aries of the bunch.

Taurus - Ann Perkins


Anne is totes the reliable, practical, and devoted bull in this cast of characters. She’s the unintentional fun sponge.

Gemini - April Ludgate


April Ludgate by day, Janet Snakehole by night. These two personalities make her the perfect Gemini.

Cancer - Tom Haverford


Only a Cancer would have the imagination and the entrepreneurial skills that Tom has.

Leo - Chris Traeger

Nbc / NBC / NBCU Photo Bank

No doubt that Chris Traeger has the warmest and purest heart in all of Indiana.

Virgo - Ben Wyatt


Never forget the “all work no play” attitude we got from Season 2 Ben Wyatt. Typical Virgo.

Libra - Jean-Ralphio Saperstein


No one plays quite like Jean-Ralphio.

Scorpio - Donna Meagle


The QUEEN of treat yo’self. And even though she’s got a bit of an attitude, you have to admit she’s loyal as heck.

Sagittarius - Andy Dwyer


Andy’s constant idealism and sense of humor make him a true Sagittarius.

Capricorn - Mark Brendanawicz


V practical but also v forgettable.

Aquarius - Ron Swanson

There’s nobody that hates the government more than Ron Swanson. That’s a fact.

Pisces - Jerry/Gary/Larry/Terry Gergich

Nbc / Colleen Hayes / NBC, NBC

Jerry is truly one of the purest people on this show. I mean yea, he’s a total wreck, but you can’t help but love him.

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