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    25 Truths That Are Painfully, Painfully Accurate For Anyone Who's Ever Been An RA

    "I can't, I'm on duty."

    1. Let's face it, being an RA sometimes sucks.

    2. You spend countless hours on door tags and bulletin boards that'll just end up getting ripped down.

    3. Or even worse, having to cancel plans with your friends because you're on duty.

    4. You pray every night you'll get to fall asleep without being woken up by that dreaded duty phone ring.

    5. And there's no doubt you've walked out of an incident at 4 a.m. the night before a huge exam.

    6. It's truly a miracle to get a full night's sleep while on duty.

    7. We've all had that moment of pure fear when a resident emails you and says it's an emergency.

    8. But really their "emergency" is just about how annoying their messy roommate is.

    9. You've gone through so much training you're practically a pro at mediations, policies, and emergency protocols.

    10. And you've even had to share your valuable RA wisdom with the newbies.

    11. You've probably had your fair share of ~awkward conversations~.

    12. Because it seems like literally everyone has a smelly roommate.

    13. You practically have to force your residents into participating in anything.

    14. Especially the program you spent A LOT of time and energy on.

    15. You're constantly trying to talk to residents who literally don't care about what you have to say.

    ra: don't forget to sign up for a check out appointment! residents: dOnT FOrgEt tO sIGn uP FoR a CHecKoUT aPpoInTMeNT¡¡

    16. And the ones who don't pay attention end up being the ones who have the most questions.

    17. But nothing is worse than the residents who tell you every nitty gritty detail about their life.

    18. But of course, you have to remember that being an RA does have it's perks.

    19. Like the ~free~ housing.

    20. And you develop some sick leadership and communication skills along the way.

    21. But you'll never forget all those nights lost to hospital visits.

    22. Or seriously stoned residents.

    23. And even the occasional dorm room party.

    24. Because at the end of the day, you have a million wild-but-true stories.

    25. That other people only have to see to believe.

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