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    23 Heart-Wrenching "Parenthood" Moments That'll Make You Sob Like A Baby

    I'm not crying, you are.

    So there's a show called Parenthood, maybe you've heard of it? It stars amazingly talented actors like Lauren Graham, Mae Whitman, and Craig T. Nelson.

    If you've ever watched an episode of Parenthood, you know that the show takes you through the ups and downs of the mega-lovable Braverman family. You may also know that keeping up with this crew means for loads and loads of tears.

    1. Remember during the pilot episode, where Adam confides in his father about Max's Aspergers?

    2. And then the time Max found out that he had Aspergers:

    3. What about when Zeek gives Amber a speech about his dream of great-grandchildren after she almost dies in a car accident:

    4. Or when Julia realized that Zoe was keeping her baby:


    Season 3, Episode 17 ("Remember Me, I'm the One Who Loves You")

    5. What about when Jasmine told Crosby she wanted to be his wife:

    6. Or when Haddie couldn't leave for college without a proper goodbye:

    7. Remember that heartbreaking moment Kristina tells Adam she has breast cancer:

    8. And then when she finally tells the rest of the family:

    9. Or Max's "tenacious" student council president speech during Season 4:


    Season 4, Episode 6 ("I'll Be Right Here")

    10. You're lying if you don't remember Kristina's goodbye video:

    11. Or when Drew broke down after Amy's abortion:

    12. How about when Crosby told Julia how great of a mom she was:

    13. And then when Victor is officially adopted by Joel and Julia:

    14. Alas, remember when Joel and Julia decided to separate:


    15. But then Zeek got real with Joel about marriage:


    Season 5, Episode 17 ("Limbo")

    16. Remember when Max gets bullied because of his Aspergers:

    17. Or when Kristina said goodbye to her friend Gwen, who she met in chemo:

    18. How about when Kristina and Adam were wholeheartedly accepting of Haddie when she came out:

    19. And when Amber told Zeek she was pregnant:

    20. What about the time the Braverman matriarchs threw Amber a surprise baby shower:

    21. And showered her with heartfelt guidance on being a mother:

    22. Or when Sarah and Hank finally get married:

    23. But if you can only remember one specific moment during this show, it should be when the Braverman clan honored Zeek in the best way possible:


    Season 6, Episode 13 ("May God Bless and Keep You Always")

    Once a Braverman, always a Braverman.