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    21 Things Every True TV Addict Will Understand

    *lists Netflix as your significant other on Facebook*

    1. You can't choose a favorite show without feeling like you've betrayed your other shows.

    2. You know exactly who Jim and Pam are without needing any more information.

    3. Finishing an entire series in a week is not even a challenge for you.

    4. In fact, you can probably do it in less.

    5. You've always secretly wished for a chance to use Meredith Grey's "Pick me, choose me, love me" speech.

    6. And you're confident you can perform any surgery or solve any homicide.

    7. You purposefully put off watching the series finale because you're not ready to let go of the characters you've grown to love.

    8. Running out of shows to watch on Netflix is your worst fear.

    9. And you've signed up for at least one free trial on Hulu to allay your concerns.


    10. You have very strong opinions about the ending of Lost and will voice them to anyone who will listen.

    11. That feeling of finally sitting down in front of your laptop or TV after a long day is literally ORGASMIC.

    12. You've practically become a walking Wikipedia page of your favorite cast member.

    13. The first thing you see when you open your laptop is the Netflix welcome page.

    14. You have very high standards for the shows you spend your precious time on.

    15. Though sometimes stepping outside of your comfort zone opens up a BRAND NEW GENRE to binge.

    16. You see nothing wrong with rewatching — and re-rewatching — episodes or entire seasons.

    17. And can give a million reasons why [cancelled show] should still be on the air.

    18. Whenever a new season comes to Netflix, it feels like Christmas.

    19. Your OTP isn't just one couple, but a compilation of couples from your library of favorite characters.

    20. Of the shows you watch, some become a blur while others you can quote forever.

    21. You know that your love for TV is not really an addiction, but rather a lifestyle you'll never give up.

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