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21 Tumblr Memes You Just Would Not Believe

Truly shooketh.

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1. This evident truth:

2. This old chestnut:

3. This tribute to a ~classic~:

4. And one to honor the most wholesome childhood hero:

5. This monstrosity:

6. This childhood throwback:

7. This forever relevant hymn:

8. There's even one that'll get Drake stuck in your head:

9. Some are more super relatable:

10. While others are more the meme-friendly:

11. Like this never dying joke:

12. There's even a Mean Girls reference:

13. Some even have a bit of ~edge~:

14. While others just make you say "me af":

15. This one for the health gurus:

16. And this one for the grammar nerds:

17. There's even one if Hamilton is more your jamilton:

18. This emo throwback:

19. This wish you've had since forever:

20. Even Tumblr got in on it:

21. But hey, at least we can all agree on at least one thing:

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