20 Truths Every "Riverdale" Fan Is Guilty Of Having


    1. You're still in awe of the celestial beauty of the cast.

    2. Especially the parents.

    3. You can tell that this isn't your average, run of the mill, sappy teen drama and you're LIVING for it.

    4. Undoubtedly, you've thought about who's the most "daddy."

    5. You identify with the main characters in more ways than one.

    6. At first, you were skeptical about Cole's return to acting, but came to your senses after watching the pilot.

    7. You've totally dreamt about trying a cheeseburger and milkshake from Pop's.

    8. And you have very strong opinions about which characters belong together.

    9. You follow the entire cast on various social media platforms.

    10. And cry tears of joy whenever they post cute pics together.

    11. You're probably over Archie's music storyline by now.

    12. But there's nothing you hate more than the Archie/Miss Grundy storyline.

    13. Clifford Blossom's wig collection still gives you nightmares.

    14. As does Jason Blossom's rotting corpse.

    15. You've probably even thought about re-watching Season 1, even though you already know all the spoilers and secrets.

    16. And you have SO many questions after the season finale.

    17. Like, what will happen to Archie's dad?

    18. Will Polly have her babies???

    19. And will we ever meet Jellybean Jones?????

    20. And even though you know that waiting for Season 2 is going to be pure agony, you're up to the challenge.

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