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    Literally Just 21 Moments From "Bob's Burgers" That Are An Extremely Big Mood

    "Queen Latifah, give me strength!"

    1. When you pay more than $100 on a haircut:

    2. After drinking an entire bottle of wine:

    3. *scrolling through endless beach pics on Instagram*:

    4. Accidentally making eye contact with the attractive barista:

    5. Me, during any minor inconvenience:

    6. When your coworker wants to show you pics of their baby:

    7. Realizing you're not COMPLETELY dead inside:

    8. Because that headache is definitely not from stress, lack of sleep, or dehydration:

    9. Just another day trying to fill that empty void you call a soul:

    10. After spending hours getting ready:

    11. A constant state of being:

    12. Me, talking to my bed and my Netflix account:

    13. When your friends drag you out to the club:

    14. When someone disses your crush:

    15. Because portion control is a myth:

    16. Saying "you too" when your waiter tells you to "Enjoy the meal":

    17. When even God just isn't on your side:

    18. Whenever a straight white guy from high school has a "hot take":

    19. Trying to pay off student loans:

    20. After your coworker tells you about their horrible break up:

    21. And of course, flirting like a pro:

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