17 Times "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" Was Relatable As F#%k For Anyone Who's Ever Had A Period

    "It's like we're our own little blood coven."

    1. You've totally synched up with your friends.

    2. You decide that you will not be putting any effort into your appearance during this monthly visit.

    3. You accept the fact that you will be constantly uncomfortable for the next week.

    4. Like that terrible sensation from your vagina dripping.

    5. And that your bathroom will never not look like a crime scene.

    6. Like seriously, how can all that blood loss possibly be healthy?

    7. You're suddenly SUPER exhausted and lose the will to do anything and everything.

    8. And, of course, the bloating is inescapable.

    9. Your boobs feel like ginormous boulders sitting on your chest.

    10. And there won't be a single moment where you don't feel like a literal piece of trash.

    11. But at the same time, your hormones are raging.

    12. Plus – Every 👏 Single 👏 Thing 👏 Pisses you off.

    13. Like how you have ZERO patience for anyone who tries to antagonize you.

    14. And you're filled with a sudden rage against every male you encounter.

    15. Especially when one tries to "mansplain" literally anything.

    16. And you wish for some magical way to make it all stop.

    17. But every month, you always feel that slight ping of relief because you know you've avoided pregnancy yet again.

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