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    16 Gifts That Are Perfect For Anyone Obsessed With Steve Harrington

    Because he's finger-lickin' good.

    1. This cozy and hella relatable sweatshirt:

    TeesAndTankYou / Via

    Get it from TeesAndTankYou for $34 or the Hanukkah version for $34.

    2. A super cute cartoon Steve mug for those morning pick-me-ups:

    LoveAliceCo / Via

    Get it from LoveAliceCo on Etsy for $15.50.

    3. This pillow that's bound to send you into some steamy dreams:

    TheLastType / Via

    Get it from TheLastType on Redbubble for $21.67.

    4. This badass bat sticker:

    Lauren Paulin / Via

    Get it from Lauren Paulin on Redbubble for $3.09.

    5. This varsity shirt that we can all wear with pride:

    TeesAndTankYou / Via

    Get it from TeesAndTankYou for $26.

    6. A tote that serves some serious nostalgia vibes:

    livstuff / Via

    Get it from livstuff on Redbubble for $20.

    7. These phone cases that don't even need to be explained:

    Via, Via

    Get them on Redbubble from mkaythen for $25.20 and serinikela for $29.60.

    8. This ultra retro Steve Harrington sticker pack:


    Get them from HeyJoeyItsEstelle on Etsy for $6.24.

    9. This comfy tee that's bound to be keep you safe from the Upside Down:

    MainStreetMerch / Via

    Get it from MainStreetMerch on Etsy for $18.

    10. This poster advertising the movie we didn't know we needed:

    titanthony / Via

    Get it from titanthony on Redbubble for $22.

    11. These stickers that show where your loyalties lie:

    Via, Via

    Get them on TeePublic from jessicabradley for $2.50 and from mauchofett for $2.50.

    12. A pair of Steve statement socks:

    StrangerThingsWorld / Via

    Get them from StrangerThingsWorld on Etsy for $16.67.

    13. This minimalistic poster to match your ~aesthetic~:

    JacksPosters / Via

    Get it from JacksPosters on Etsy starting at $14.50.

    14. A Steve enamel pin for only your snazziest windbreakers:

    LivelyGhosts / Via

    Get Steve (and the rest of the crew) from LivelyGhosts on Etsy from around $7.50 each.

    15. This classy print of the most I-C-O-N-I-C quote from Season 2:

    woodlandprintco / Via

    Get it from woodlandprintco on Etsy for $2.99.

    16. And last, but not least, an ~exclusive~ Steve Funko Pop figurine:

    Amazon / Via

    If you're willing to spend big money, this is the gift for you. Get it on Amazon starting at $120.

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