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    16 Cold, Hard Facts That Prove Jade Was The Best Character On "Victorious"

    So edgy.

    1. She made being goth seem ~cool~.

    2. And effortlessly pulled off blue and green hair for four seasons.

    3. Sometimes she was slightly aggressive.

    4. But always knew exactly how to get that she wanted.

    5. She was SUPER relatable:

    6. And was the OG of "escalating quickly."

    7. Her singing voice was absolutely incredible.

    8. And she was always honest:

    9. She had the cutest boyfriend in the entire school.

    10. And making someone cry was part of her daily routine:

    11. She had an affinity for scissors.

    12. She was low key hilarious.

    13. And her snarky one-liners made the show truly amazing.

    14. She never held back on calling Tori out on her bullshit.

    15. And had a bomb AF vlog that would make Tyler Oakley jealous.

    16. Jade also never sweat. Because sweating is gross.

    TBH if it weren't for Jade, Victorious would not have been as great as it truly was.

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