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The 14 Stages Of Jeans Shopping All Women Know All Too Well

...and one godsend to avoid all the drama.

1. Realising your signature pair of jeans is looking a bit...tired, to say the least.

2. In denial of their passing, you still wait another two weeks to get to the shops.

Me: I need multiple outfit options for every occasion. Also me: wears the same pair of jeans every day for 2 years.

Becca Maier / Twitter

"If I ignore the situation, it might just go away."

3. Taking a deep breath and finally heading into the dreaded denim section of the store.

4. You confidently pick up just one pair of jeans in one size, hoping they'll fit perfectly and that'll be the end of that.

Act 1, Scene 1: The brave heroine heads into the changing rooms battleground to try on some jeans

Josie Ayre / Twitter

5. You soon find yourself crying silently in the changing rooms.

6. Returning to the shop floor, you pick up every fit and style of jeans that the store carries...

7. Including some that are obviously going to be way too big.

8. In the meantime, you accidentally ruin a whole denim display by just trying to find your size in a pile of jeans.

9. On a roll, you decide to try on the pair you predicted would be far too big.

10. You thought putting them on was hard, but taking them off turns into the real challenge.

11. Midway through your trying-on session, you suddenly find yourself overcome with the changing-room sweats.

12. You slip on the last pair of jeans, and they fit like an absolute dream.

13. Triumphant, you spend the next five minutes prancing around your changing room.

14. You leave the store with your head held high, thanking the denim gods for blessing you this day.

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