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11 Ways The Holidays Are The Best Way To Relive Your Childhood

"Where can I submit my list?!" When it's time to do your holiday shopping, head to Gap. Remember, you don't have to get them, to give them Gap.

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1. Every year when you decorate the tree, you get to open a time capsule of ornaments that flood you with memories...

me and the sysop / CC BY-ND http://2.0 / Via Flickr: pyxopotamus

Like sweet old haircuts and fashion choices. You start to wonder if you could rock a pair of overalls again... Who are you kidding? Of course you can!

4. You pack your favorite PJs and spend a few nights at your parents' house...


And between free food and laundry, you quickly remember what it was like to live with all of your parents' endearing qualities.

6. If you have a niece or nephew, you can spoil them with the toys you always wanted.

Looks like you can finally check "get the coolest toy that all the others are going to be jealous of" off your bucket list — and it only took 22 years!

You see everyone you haven’t seen since the last big get-together.

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Enjoy this holiday season, only with Gap.