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Why is it better to be single during the Valentine's Day ?

As every year, Valentine's Day is fast approaching. A great festival of lovers, which was once, let us remember, a feast for the bachelors to find their half, and which today can easily horripile the hearts to take. To avoid crushing black during this period and because being a couple does not have any advantages, here are 7 good reasons to be single on Valentine's Day. And even after that, by the way ...

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1. Do not stress to find the perfect gift for your darling

Valentine's Day ? It means especially gifts to offer to your partner. It is only a few weeks that you are together and you do not yet know his tastes. Or, on the contrary, you have been with Madam for decades and you do not know what to offer. No original idea on the horizon. The stress! Giving gifts, unless you have an innate gift for that, it's often a headache and a lot of stress. So, now, blow a little and be happy not to be in the place of your best friend who is struggling to find the perfect gift.

2. Make sacred savings

To be single is to make sacred savings. And that, everyone knows! No gifts and restaurants to offer. And it's valid for the whole year. In short, to be single, is to keep all its money and then slap it unscrupulously in video games

3. Go out between bachelors, with no limit !

On Valentine's Day, it's not necessarily worth staying at home. Take advantage of it to go out between bachelors until no time. The goal: having fun without thinking about love, making fun of her ex, enjoy being free like the air. Do not hesitate to launch her your most beautiful smile and to start the conversation with her ... Or not ...

This will be the occasion to spend an evening without taking a head with your buddies while in couple, there is a chance in two for a dispute breaks out and one of you is sleeping on the sofa.

4. Go mocking couples who eat at the McDonald's

You'd be surprised how many couples who celebrate Valentine's Day at the McDonald's. It is therefore the moment to go and look them through the showcase pointing fingers and laughing handsomely. You may be alone, but at least you do not offer a big mac to your partner

5. Make people believe you are spending the best Valentine's Day in the world

You can also pretend, thanks to the magic of the internets. Use your social networks to post photos of candlelight meals, amazing gifts and boxes of chocolates to make everyone believe that you are spending a much better night than they are and that you are much more loved than all your friends.

6. Take up all the place in bed, no more snoring

You will finally enjoy sleeping on your side of the bed preferred, or even ... in the middle! Having all the sheets and all the cover for yourself is still great! And it's still a real pleasure not to be awakened in the middle of the night, stuck on the edge of the bed, because darling is spread like a starfish and it holds all the cover firmly on its side. And no one will wake us either by snoring like a locomotive right next to your ear.

7. Drown your sorrows

You can also accept your sad fate and enjoy this beautiful evening to drive yourself into your sentimental misery by listening to music sad to the bottom and yelling that the world is rotten, that nobody loves you and that you end up alone and devoured by yours Cats, anyway. You will sleep better afterwards (especially if you accompany everything from a good bottle of vodka).

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