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The 18 Greatest 'Game Of Thrones' Quotes Of All Time

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what their favorite Game of Thrones quote of the entire series. Now that the ravens have arrived, here's some of our favorite responses:

1. “A very small man can cast a very large shadow.” —Varys

"It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from, you can still do extraordinary things." —MangoForPresident

2. "When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives." —Ned

"I'm fairly new to GoT, having only gotten into it about a year ago, but this quote has stuck with me through all my hardships, reminding me that my friends and family are there to support me, and that I'm not alone in this world." —k437d48386

3. "Do you know what got me through all those years in exile? Faith. Not in any gods or legends. In myself. Daenerys Targaryen." —Daenerys

"Whenever I have to face something scary, I try to remember Daenerys's speech when she first meets Jon. She only needed to believe in herself and look at everything she accomplished. Gotta channel that fire!" —christopherf4a0d0a2c4

4. “You’re a good man.” —Bran

"It’s not a big dramatic quote, but as soon as Bran told Theon the last sentence he would ever hear as he ran towards his death, I sobbed. Theon had one of the best character arcs and to see him accept his fate was heartbreaking. I can’t think about it too hard or I’ll start crying!" —gillianb490676826

5. “Valar Morghulis” —Jaqen

"This quote will always stick with me because THAT'S THE SHOW. All men must die! It combines the fact that no one is safe from death in that world, even the Night King or a Dragon Queen. They kept that quote running throughout the show, and it was said in so many different storylines." —sammiedibbern47

6. “Hold the door.” —Hodor

"What seemed to be such a laughable character for years ended up having one of the most heart-wrenching plot lines. The fact that George R. R. Martin knew where he wanted to end with Hodor’s character is another reason why this series is pure genius. Still think about this episode years later." —beccag48f5aaf09

7. “The lords of Westeros are sheep. Are you a sheep? No. You’re a dragon. Be a dragon." —Olenna

"This quote has stuck with me because so often in this world, people want you to conform to what they think is beautiful, perfect, whatever. But that’s not who I am. I am outspoken and not afraid to stand up for what I believe in. I am not a sheep. I will be a dragon." —daidrah

8. “I’m a slow learner; it’s true, but I learn.” —Sansa

"Having always been a struggling learner, this quote always stuck with me. Whenever I’m struggling with something I always say this to myself. It encourages me to keep trying!" —erinl48e5dec88

9. “A girl is Arya Stark of Winterfell. And I'm going home.” —Arya

"When she finally said this all my fears over Arya’s personality dying we’re destroyed. I had chills and I still do when I watch the scene." —Mshadleyd

10. "And there is only one thing we say to Death: ' Not today.'" —Syrio

"This one has always hit me right in the feels, not only because of the many meanings it had for Arya Stark, but because it felt like a rallying cry for my own life. The "God of Death" can stand in for many things, but this quote is a reminder that you have what it takes to overcome it." —jasminetheurbanbohemea

11. "Sometimes I like to play a little game: I assume the worst of people. What’s the worst reason you have for turning me against my sister?" —Sansa

My sister and I are very close and this scene just proves that bonds between sisters, no matter what they’ve been through, are the hardest to break. —junkilove91

12. “'Tis a big and beautiful world. Most of us live and die in the same corner where we were born and never get to see any of it. I don’t want to be most of us.” —Oberyn

"When it’s 3 a.m. and I feel stuck, I just go on Google Flights and buy a random ticket (one way, so I don’t have a time restraint). This quote reminds me that there’s so much more to the world than where I am right now." —snowdropdcf

13. “Rhaegar fought valiantly, Rhaegar fought nobly, Rhaegar fought honorably. And Rhaegar died.” —Jorah

"This taught me that you can be good and honorable, but that doesn’t mean you win." —LongClaw92

14. “What is honor compared to a woman’s love? What is duty to the feel of a newborn son in your arms?...We are only human, and the gods have fashioned us for love. That is our great glory, and our great tragedy.” —Maester Aemon

"I will think about this quote every day for the rest of my life. It plays such a huge part in the show but also in everyone’s lives. It is such a poignant take on love that just shatters my heart with its beauty. Thrones does it again." —TatiRyan13

15. "Never forget what you are. The rest of the world will not. Wear it like armor, and it can never be used to hurt you." —Tyrion

"As an English girl living in France, I am always the foreign weirdo with an accent that makes me stick out. When Tyrion said that, it stuck with me and made me want to own my difference." —Enilydd

16. “My mind is my weapon. My brother has his sword, King Robert has his warhammer, and I have my mind. And a mind needs books as a sword needs a whetstone, if it is to keep it’s edge.” —Tyrion

"I grew up reading a ton; I always loved it. And now that I’m getting a Ph.D., this one really sticks with me. It reminds me that my mind is my best asset, and brains are just as good if not better than brawn." —irissac

17. “Any man who must say ‘I am the King’ is no true king.” —Tywin

"Tywin was one of my favorite characters and I wish we saw more of him. This quote has stuck with me because I find it to be a lesson all leaders need to learn. You can be placed into a position of power, but you can not call yourself a leader. The title of leader only comes when you have earned it from the people you serve." —blaire4

18. "Fear cuts deeper than swords." —Syrio

"Often the fear of something is much worse than the reality, and even if the reality is terrible, there isn't much we can do except face it." —shultke20

Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity. All images courtesy of Game of Thrones.

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