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The 14 Funniest Signs From College GameDay

Even more signs ... that you should be watching College GameDay. THAT PUN WAS NECESSARY, PEOPLE. Wake up and catch all the action every Saturday now starting at 9:00am EST on ESPN.

1. Thankfully ... no ... no it isn't.

2. I get it!

3. Noted.


5. Perfect.

6. Contrary to whatever you've heard...

7. Statistically the riskiest time to go for it.

8. A public service announcement for the kids.

9. I feel like there's a subliminal message here...

10. that Steven Seagal with a panda?

11. "Hail" to the creator of this weather report.

12. Cautiously optimistic.

13. ..... wait, what?

14. Facts are still unconfirmed.