12 Signs You Went To A Football School

Everyone knows you bleed… umm… [SCHOOL COLOR 1] and [SCHOOL COLOR 2]. So after a long summer of mosquito bites and small talk, you can finally celebrate the glorious return of College Football! Wake up and catch all the action on College GameDay now starting every Saturday at 9 a.m. EST on ESPN.

1. When you're on a dating site, you avoid people who attended *ahem* certain schools.


2. There's a noticeable bias when selecting the family pet.

Catherine and Tyler Wilhoit / Via BuzzFeed

3. …and they're always VERY well trained.

4. You've been to Kinkos a bunch of times. Never for schoolwork.

Al Messerschmidt / Via Getty

5. You can't quite figure out why you're so comfortable without a shirt on.

6. You have an affinity for group activities.

7. You've said the phrase, "This paint is non-toxic, right? Ok great. I'll buy a billion."

Patrick Smith / Via Getty

8. You understand that practice makes perfect.

9. Some people see cardboard and markers. You see opportunity.

Doug Pensinger / Via Getty

10. You're a creative person and you live in the moment.

Kirk Irwin / Via Getty

11. People have called your obsession "crazy"… but they're the crazy ones. Right, voices in my head? Right. Good.

Bob Rosato / Via Getty

12. Saturdays. 'Nuff said.

AndrewH324 / Via Flickr: 70832171@N07

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