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[Update: It's Game Battle Day! Let's get this battle of games started!] I was going to wait for the Game Battle, but I was just too excited because this game is awesome. The aim, pretty much, is to hurl dinosaurs into space and watch them die. I'd challenge you to beat my high score, but I know none of you carry the same rage that I do about dinosaurs.

Hate Dinosaurs 9 years ago

Lofty Tower (Game Battle)

Here's another one for you! Build extremely precarious towers. Height is your goal here - try not to get too caught up in the aesthetics of the thing.

Jack Shepherd 9 years ago

Ghost Guidance (Game Battle)

Infect other ships to take over their guidance systems in your quest to escape. Kill some dudes along the way. Fun!

Jack Shepherd 9 years ago

Tiny Castle [Game Battle]

Fight your way through a (tiny) castle to save the pixelated princess from the clutches of an evil wizard. [Tanner's Note: Jack has sullied the noble tradition of Game Battle by submitting two games. He knows my game is the best. Let's not let him claim victory this day, honorable BuzzPokes.]

Tanner Greenring 9 years ago

Eon (Game Battle)

Manipulate the gravity streams to move the colorful matter from the stars to your bases.

Jack Shepherd 10 years ago

MegaDrill (Game Battle)

Here's a really fun upgradey type game involving a drill. Collect the cash money to upgrade your drill machine.

Jack Shepherd 10 years ago