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14 Emotional Stages Of Dating A Southerner

First comes love, then comes barbecue. Falling head over heels for a Southerner comes with its own special perks, y'all.

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5. You kiss and it actually feels like a fairy tale.

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Other places you'll eventually kiss:

• Sitting in a pickup truck parked by the lake.

• At a bar with peanut shells all over the floor.

• Inside of a tent.

• On the porch of the house where they grew up.

• On their high school football field (you snuck onto school grounds after-hours).

12. You discover that their mom has been planning your wedding since day one.

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But you're OK with it. Because their family literally embraces you with the strength of a giant Southern bear hug. SOUTHERN FAMILIES?! WHO KNEW?!

Tale as old as time, song as old as that beat-up pickup truck that is DEFINITELY on its last legs.

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