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12 Delectable Smells We Wish We Could Bottle Up And Take Home

Sometimes we all wish we could take our favorite smells home with us in a bottle. While that's not always possible, you can take home a bottle of the ahh-mazing scent of Gain Dish Soap.

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1. Freshly cut grass in the summertime.

The unmistakable scent of a lawn that has just been mowed is quintessentially "summer." If the color green had a scent, this is what it would smell like!

2. Outside of a traditional bakery late at night.

The waft of freshly baking bread and pastries coming from a bakery getting ready for the next day is unlike anything else!

3. The combined scent of a bonfire and the burnt sugar of roasting marshmallows.

Bonus points if those marshmallows are going into a s'more!

4. The smell of a hot summer rainstorm.

Nothing else smells as clean and crisp as the air does during and after a warm summer storm.

5. The kitchen of a really nice restaurant.


Whatever you cook in your kitchen at home will never smell quite like the kitchen at an amazing restaurant.

6. The earth during the first warm days in spring.

The damp, new smell of the soil along with the pollen smell of very first spring flowers is unlike any other scent — including cut flowers.

7. A salty sea breeze.

You can always tell you're near the ocean from the salty scent of the sea air. So fresh!

8. Old (and new!) book smell.

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Whether you prefer old, musty books or newly printed and untouched books, this library-like scent is unlike any other.

9. Barbecue in a neighbor's backyard.

The waft of barbecue coming down the street from a neighbor’s place always smells better than your own cooking. Absolutely heavenly!

10. The smell of the country in the middle of autumn.

Whether you're in your neighborhood or at the pumpkin patch, the way the ground (and the falling leaves) smells right around Halloween unmistakably says "fall."

11. The inside of your car after driving home a pizza.

Getting in your car the next time after you've gotten takeout from your favorite pizza place is the best. (Even better than new car smell!)

12. The smoky smell of fireworks in mid-summer.

We wish we could keep the distinctive smell of smoke that lingers in the warm summer air all year long.

And, a scent so amazing, it can turn a sink full of dishes into a sink full of sniff, sniff, hooray!

Lucky for you, that scent could be any one of the seven amazing Gain Dish soap Scents!