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15 Secret Pleasures Other People Definitely Have Too

Popping Bubble Wrap, scratching an itch... That's child's play. These are the things rarely spoken of, but oft indulged in, much like the near-addictive scent of Gain. Take comfort in knowing that you're not alone.

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1. Combing out tangled hair.


The slight discomfort only furthers the extreme elation.

2. Taking the first scoop out of a new jar of peanut butter.

Eric Gevaert / Thinkstock / Via

You are Columbus. Peanut butter is the New World.

3. A perfectly loud snap. / Via

Rarely do your fingers come together in such an audibly masterful way. But when they do... WATCH OUT.

4. Perfecting a parking job.

BuzzFeed Violet / Via

When the yellow lines on the ground of the parking lot align perfectly with your tires, you feel like an actual superhero.

5. Getting an even number at the gas pump.

Are you feeling lucky?
Wlad74 / Getty Images / Via

Are you feeling lucky?

6. Intentionally leaving your phone at home.

ZenShui/Eric Audras / Getty Images / Via

You're afraid, until you realize how incredibly free you are.

7. The smell of your boo's shirt.

If you could, you'd bottle it.
Humonia / Getty Images

If you could, you'd bottle it.

8. Cracking your knuckles.


That dude who sits next to you is SO sick of it, but that's because he hasn't experienced the magic of it for himself.

9. Emerging from a turtleneck sweater.

Hello, world!
Carolyn Lagattuta / Getty Images / Via

Hello, world!

10. When the contents of a can of soda fit perfectly in a glass.

The universe is trying to tell you something.
Rtimages / Getty Images

The universe is trying to tell you something.

11. Putting jeans on, straight from the dryer. / Via

Warm, fitted, and... Damn, I feel amazing!

12. Slicing and scooping out a perfectly ripe avocado.

diandimeo (CC BY http://3.0) / Via

This is what heaven feels like.

13. The smell of new shoes.


At one point or another, we've all contemplated living inside of a shoebox, just for the smell.

14. Cleanly peeling off a price sticker.


No gunk, just sweet satisfaction.

15. Sleeping in your own bed after a trip.

Paul Bradbury / Via

"So good to see you, old friend. Please allow me to proceed with the sheet burrowing."

And who doesn't secretly love walking past a dryer vent and catching a huge whiff of the amazing scent of Gain laundry detergent?

You’ll know when it hits you.
Ronnie Comeau

You’ll know when it hits you.