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    New Music Review: Dimestore Prophets "Be Yourself"

    New indie music for the masses!

    Want to feel good? Then drop a dime and listen......the trio of Dimestore Prophets' new EP "Be Yourself" will help you wile your days away in a haze of happy vibes.

    Dimestore Prophets are a Moses Lake, Washington state based band with a rock/reggae feel good groove, that's now added a head bopping pop music turn to their latest album. "Be Yourself " gives the listener that feeling of it's all good, lean back, enjoy the sunshine on your face and sip something cool.

    After collaborating in the studio on projects vocalist/guitarist Ray Glover, drummer John Wilson and bassists Eric Groff mashed and rehashed their musical influences Bob Marley, The Clash ,Three Legged Fox and others to find their own feel good sound, and thus Dimestore Prophets was born. DSP have toured with all over the Pacific Northwest, with bands such as The Verve Pipe and Indubious.

    If fun and energetic take your mind off your troubles grooves is your've found your oasis in a parched land in DSP's easy living sound. Singles on the EP such as Sunny Days, Good Lovin and the jaunty jangle of Hey Darlin will bring a smile to your face and lift the spirit.

    "Be Yourself" dropped on April 5th, 2014