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Frank Peters: '50 Shades of Frank' CD

Hip Hop/ Rap

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Frank Peters!, never heard of him, well you should have. Rapper Frank Peters has been named VH1's Artists on the Rise and MTV Artist to Watch. Known for the multiple music videos he steadily releases, Frank Peters is an underground rapper, straight outta South Carolina, and he has new music to unleash on the World. The mix-tape style '50 Shades of Frank is concise way of introducing or reintroducing himself not just to the hip hop fans and community, but to the young blood just discovering the mix-tape genre. '50 Shades of Frank has 21 songs if you count all of the intros and interludes choking this tape, 11 actual songs after all the extraneous sound salad.

Frank wants you to know him and know him "50 ways" with "50 different styles and shades"...."a story of a man" is what he describes this latest music offering as.

If you need a current rap/mainstream radio reference, to frame Frank Peters in, the Canadian hit maker, The Weeknd is the closest, not really, will do.

The mix-tape style,is hood music that you hear, as a car in the inner city passes by or pouring out of an old school corner music store under the EL train, but worth a listen if you want something old that's new again or maybe just underground and made for a discerning few.

CD: 50 Shades Of Frank

Release Date: February 13th 2015

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