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Teens Share The Hilarious And VERY Inappropriate Texts They Have Received From Their Dads (and They Prove You Should NEVER Rely On Auto-Correct)

Dads and technology aren't always the best combination, but these hilarious messages prove that teaching your father how to text is worth it for comedy value.

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Gag Stag presenting you a collection of images shared by BoredPanda showcase some of the most amusing - and occasionally inappropriate - messages people have received from their fathers.

Many of the messages showcase dad humour at its best - relying on bad jokes and and immature puns guaranteed to leave their offspring cringing.

In other amusing exchanges we see what happens when auto-correct goes wrong - with one father mistaking his daughter's chores for a sexual encounter.

Whether they make you laugh or groan, these messages are sure to have you double checking the recipient before you hit send.

Dads Read Texts Their Daughters Sent To Their Boyfriends

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