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Mom Illustrates What It’s Like To Have Kids In 25 Honest Illustrations

Some say being president is the hardest job in the world, but Nathalie Jomard disagrees. According to this French artist, there is nothing tougher than raising a child, and she has created playful and honest illustrations to prove it. From huge body changes to not being able to peacefully go to the bathroom, Nathalie included a lot of the struggles women go through during different stages of maternity, and it's a real eye-opener for anyone who takes their mom for granted. Scroll down for the images, vote for your favorite ones and let us know in the comments if you agree that motherhood is the most responsible 'position.' More info: | Instagram

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#1 The First Time You Breastfeed Is Unforgettable

#2 You Can't Find Peace Even When Sitting On The Toilet

#3 Ahh Those Sweet Weekend Mornings When Your Child Wakes Up At 5 Am

#4 Trying To Act All Put-Together When...

#5 Nothing Fits Anymore

#6 Intimacy Between You And Your Partner Becomes The Exception, Not The Rule

#7 When Books Don't Work Anymore You Try To Find Your Own Methods

#8 You Never Imagined The Mess One Baby Could Make

#9 They Don't Care About Your Pain

#10 And No One Told You The Best Toys For Your Baby Are Actually Random Everyday Items

#11 You Become A Professional Juggler And Can Carry Up To 100 Items At Once

#12 No One Could Prepare You For The First Time Wearing A Bikini After Giving Birth

#13 Feeding Your Child Leaves Both Of You Frustrated

#14 Potty Training Never Turns Out As Expected

#15 Making Sure Your Child Is Protected From The Sun Is Very Important

#16 You Become The Ultimate Multitasker, Constantly Juggling Between Working And Being A Mom

#17 Trying To Work While Exhausted Turns Into A Daily Thing

#18 Any Task That Involves Reaching Your Feet Is Impossible

#19 You're Forced To Eat Broccoli Even If You Hate It, So You Set A Good Example For Your Kids

#20 You Can Always Count On Finding Your Valuables In The Most Unexpected Places

#21 You're Always Looking For Answers In Every Book Imaginable

#22 You're Feeling Like A Balloon Constantly

#23 You Never Know What To Do When Your Child's Pet Dies

#24 Trying To Maintain Authority In The House Is Never Easy

#25 The First Time You Have To Change Your Baby's Diaper You Try To Read Every Book Just To Make It Easier

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