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Let's Play Drinking Game In Oscars Style

Enhance drinking experience with Oscars drinking game tonight. If you know the game then it will great to play with masters but In case you are new, just follow the foot prints of our beloved celebs. If my calculations are correct, you should be obliterated by the end of the evening considering the show lasts around three hours.

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Let the Game Begin!!

Drink every time a celebrity wears something hideous on the red carpet

Take a shot when a movie wins that you’ve never seen

Drink when someone gets political during their acceptance speech

Drink every time the camera pans to a celebrity making a weird face

Drink when someone thanks The Academy for their award

Take a sip for every nomination La La Land receives

Drink when someone brings their mom as their date

Shot if someone trips on the red carpet OR to the podium

Chug every time Jimmy Kimmel brings up his “feud” with Matt Damon

Three sips when the camera catches someone crying. No crying without a nomination

Take a shot when you spot a celebrity taking a selfie

Shot for every standing ovation

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