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Check Out These Amazing Wood Gadgets

Enjoy the experience of living with some of the most stunning products that have been constructed with nothing but All Things Wood. The presence of wood itself gives these products an outstanding appearance of their own which is what will actually allure you towards having them.

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Daily Grips By Nisnas Industries


Grips redesigned from the ground up, elegant and solid. A Mideast social-business response to recent violence. By Nisnas Industries. Our method of press fitting wood onto an aluminum core proved to be the most durable, best feeling and most elegant solution. We created a custom aluminum core to help fit the grips on any handlebar with ease. The core is drilled and tapped together to allow two brass screws to act as fasteners.

LSTN Zebra Wood Troubadours


For the lovers of all things classic. The music fans who pay attention to details. The sophisticated and stylish can’t-leave-home-without-my-headphones types. Each pair of LSTN Troubadours is made from real wood. No two pairs are the same and grain might vary from photos.

Stage Interaction Shelf


Primarily targeted to keep your handheld devices mess free during charging hours, the Stage Interaction Shelf is an absolute class both in terms of design and functionality. The structure has been made of a Solid American walnut finished in matt varnish that is complemented with a powder coated steel housing. The inner area of the shelf has enough space to hold a five-plug international power strip for you to charge all your gadgets simultaneously.

iRad iPad Stand by Surf Life Designs


Time to pamper your iPads with this surfboard inspired iRad iPad Stand by Surf Life Designs that enhances the iconic style of your iPads to a great extent. Made out of black walnut & hard maple wood with hard maple fins, this one stand is drop dead gorgeous in terms of the chic design and layout perfect for your beach outings with the iPad in hand.

Rosewood iPhone Skin by Trunket


By enveloping your iPhones with this Rosewood iPhone Skin by Trunket, you’ll actually be introducing a timeless beauty into your everyday mobile life for sure. The blood red finish of the skin looks elegantly charming and brings out the true spark of rosewood from the contours of your iPhone through every angle. The piece has been handcrafted In Stamford, CT in a historic manufacturing place turned workshop renowned for creating such masterpieces in design for your everyday technology.

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