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  • Macbook Pro Sleeve Backpack

    We studied and designed it to perfectly fit your 15’’ MacBook Pro retina, leaving space for an iPad, a magazine, a moleskine or A4 documents. In the front removable pocket you have a specific space for the charger or more than enough space to carry all yours odds and ends like iPad Mini, iPhone, sunglasses, earphones, cables, pens etc.

  • Vcemo

    Making use of emerging virtual reality (VR) headsets, vcemo looks to become the web and phone based streaming platform for 360 videos. At vcemo, we are building a virtual-reality (VR) streaming website, a platform that will allow users to upload videos shot in 360 degrees, free of charge, whether from commercial products such as Giroptic or bublcam, professional 360-degree cinema cameras such as Jaunt, or individual camera setups.

  • 6 Pocket Sleeve For iPhone 6 And 6 Plus

    Rishi Soekhoe (NEW-DNA) is reinventing the iPhone sleeve! Don’t hide it in your pocket, just wear it! With a revolutionary magnetic anti-theft system it is the best multifunctional iPhone 6 sleeve, that doubles as a smart-wallet! By wearing 6 pocket on your hip you minimize the stress and pressure on your phone.

  • Obelt

    Are you bored from your traditional pin buckle belt? Have you ever wanted to stand out from the crowd and wow people with your belt buckle, while not only looking stylish, but also feeling good. Well the AJDesign team has just the designer belt you are looking for.

  • Project Wedge

    Project Wedge is a plug-in-and-play, battery-operated projector. It allows users to share the content they love on their tablet, smartphones, and other electronic devices, with those they love. Project Wedge offers a simple projector solution for work, home, or anywhere else you would enjoy your tablet device.

  • CampWell Log Tote – Natural Canvas

    We teamed up with CampWell to create an all-purpose, heavy-duty Log Tote. Inspired by a classic firewood carrier, our Log Tote is also well-suited for beach excursions, BBQ’s, or stashing extra camping gear. Interior pocket holds keys, lighter, or other small items for convenient access.Constructed from sturdy 18oz unwaxed natural cotton canvas.

  • Gro Urban: On The Move Planter

    Grow plants in your car or on your bike and take them on your daily commute! The GroUrban planter has been designed to allow you to take plants ‘On the Move’ and into your daily commute, whether you’re a gardening fanatic or just want to de-stress in a greener environment.

  • The Ultimate Underwear: Comfort, Style & Performance

    Shrine Boxers (& boxer-briefs) are built for the man who DOES IT ALL! We’re also the 1st Brand that crowdsources our waistband designs. Our underwear uses advanced fabrics to always keep you comfortable and fresh and we’ve engineered the underwear to never ride up or bunch. Most underwear is boring.

  • Uni Charge-Universal Smart Device Charging Station

    The Uni Charge Universal Charging Station offers consumers an unparalleled solution to charge any brand smartphone, tablet, e-reader or wearable device with a single powerful unit! The Uni Charge is a unique and comprehensive charging solution with a sharp attractive design. The Uni Charge works with the latest iDevices (iPhone 6 and 5, iPad, iPod touch), Android and Windows devices such as phones, tablets & e-readers from various manufacturers (Samsung, Google, Nokia, Amazon, LG, Motorola, HTC, Sony) and many more micro USB-based charging devices.

  • Thirst Mate

    The Thirst Mate is an eco-friendly floating drink holder that upcycles plastic bottles to float. It fits almost anything: cans, bottles, koozies, cups and even wine bottles. With the Swivel Connector (sold separately) you can connect several Thirst Mates into a variety of configurations.

  • Meet The New Airbus 320neo

    The Airbus A320 neo family is a family of aircrafts being developed by Airbus. The A320 neo family will replace the existing A320ceo family since New Engine Options (neo) is the last part of the modernisation programme which was started in 2006. An improved air purification system, a new cabin with larger space for luggages, weight savings, aerodynamic refinements and large curved winglets will be some additional improvements included in the modernisation programme.

  • Olive ONE

    Enjoy all your music from one simple touchscreen interface, in every room of your home. The ONE plays your favorite music services like Spotify and Pandora, internet radio from around the world, or music from your smartphone, Mac or PC. All of it in Olive’s award-winning sound quality.

  • Traxedo Classic

    The Traxedo Classic, our most popular piece, has a simple yet sophisticated look. Throw on one of these bad boys and prepare for becoming an instant conversation piece. Kickin’ it old school takes on a whole new meaning when you rock this suit at any event.

  • Ambi Climate: The Smart Add-On For Your Air Conditioner

    Learns about your habits & home environment. Auto adjusts AC for ideal temperature & energy savings. Remote access via Android/iPhone. Ambi Climate is a small, sleek internet of things device that makes your existing infrared remote-controlled air conditioner smart. It allows you to sync your AC with your smartphone, giving you complete access to monitor and control your air conditioner wherever you are.

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