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    The 5 Best Things About Being An Equestrian

    Are you a horse person? I bet you can relate to most of the things on this list.

    1. That Horse Smell / Via

    Yup, it's pretty great. I don't know what it is about it. Maybe it's the mix of paddock dirt, slobber, and hay, but it's fantastic.

    2. The First Time They Come To You from the Paddock / Via

    It's such a great feeling when such a beautiful animal actually wants to come over and be with you. The carrots and mints are definitely a bonus for them, though.

    3. Bonding Time / Via

    Whether it's in the arena, paddock, or round pen, when you can communicate with such a powerful and beautiful animal it's truly amazing.

    4. Having Their Trust / Via

    Whether it happens during the first show, the first time you lead them onto the trailer, in the barn, or during a routine ride, the first time you feel that they trust you, it's magical. To have such a majestic creature look at you and depend on you is an immense amount of responsibility, but it's totally worth it.

    5. Having That Perfect Ride / Via

    When you finally get that perfect canter transition, that lovely leg yield, or that impeccable distance to that fence, there's nothing like it. The feeling of accomplishment and success is one like no other. The best part is that you both did it together, as a team.

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