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24 Lessons We Learned From Watching Eric Matthews On "Boy Meets World"

Because we can all use a bit of Eric Matthews appreciation in our lives.

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1. Boys and girls are different.

2. Men are often idiots.

3. Sometimes all you have to do is be there.

4. Change can be rough.

5. Life's tough, so be prepared.

6. Be ambitious.

7. Have a Plan B.

8. And just to be safe, even a Plan C.

9. Sex Ed. 101

10. Celebrate your small victories.

11. It's not always easy being beautiful.

12. Always stick up for yourself.

13. There's more to ducks than meets the eye.

14. To get to the truth, ask the tough questions.

15. It's cool to have an alter ego.

16. Poetry is the way to a lady's heart.

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17. Self-control is key.

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*Unless pizza's involved. Then all bets are off.*

18. Sometimes you just don't really feel like having a conversation.

19. Never back down without a fight.

20. Never let your opponent know your plan of attack.

21. Inner beauty is what truly matters.

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22. When making a point, use dramatics.

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23. When attending your class reunion, aim for shock.

24. And most importantly, there's nothing more important than friendship.

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