23 Reasons Craig Ferguson Is The Best Host Of "The Late Late Show"

Yes, he’s the best. This is an indisputable fact.

1. His cat jokes.

CBS / Via YouTube

2. His tweets and e-mails segment.

3. “G.P and The Fergs”

4. The rants.

5. The remotes.

CBS / Via YouTube

6. His love for Doctor Who.

7. He has THE best musical openings.

CBS / Via YouTube

8. Two words: singing puppets.

9. The “Cussin’” Rabbit.

10. The times when he just couldn’t keep it together.

See also: “cat jokes.”

11. The phone calls.

Especially with Miriam.

12. His stellar dance moves.

13. The old-timey lingo.

“Keeping it classy, all the way to Christmas.”

15. He made late night television educational.


16. Whatever this is.

17. His confidence.

18. He’s creepy, but we love it.

19. He’s quirky, Scottish, and…

20. He allowed guests to ride Secretariat, which made for great moments like this.

21. Every. Single. Impression.

22. The catch phrases.

“They’re so fine.”

23. Lastly, he had one of the best friendships in late night TV history.

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