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    10 ICONIC Park And Rec Scenes That Live In Our Head Rent Free

    I've gathered a list of some of the best Park and Rec scenes. There is no ranking, this is just a list.

    1. The Coffee Scene


    This is definitely a cold opening that people who have never even watched Parks and Rec could recognize.

    2. Galentines Day


    It should be a National Holiday!

    3. Ben and Leslie Kissing For The First Time


    Is there shipname Len or Beslie?

    4. Treat Yo Self


    This is my mantra when I go shopping!

    5. Little Sebastian Memorial Service


    Although we lost a real one, we got an amazing song out of it!

    6. April and Andy's Wedding


    I wish I could have gone to the wedding.

    7. Gay Penguin Wedding


    Leslie Knope is an Ally.

    8. Leslie and Bens Wedding


    Ann needs to design my wedding outfit!

    9. Snakehole Lounge


    I think we've all been Ron at some point.

    10. Leslie Winning City Council


    I would have went to Pawnee myself if Leslie didn't win.

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