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    Updated on Sep 2, 2020. Posted on Feb 29, 2016

    Brits Try To Guess The Meaning Of Southern Slang

    "So that's what the kids are calling wanking now."

    We asked BuzzFeed's UK office what they thought these 10 Southern words and phrases meant. Here's what they had to say:

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    Emma: Reese Witherspoon's alter-ego. Beyonce has Sasha Fierce, Reese has Cooter Brown.

    Nick: Is this a body part? "I showed her my Cooter Brown."

    Luke: A sex move where you put fingers in the vag and the butthole. The cooter and the brown.

    Simon: It's to do with bums. Tickly bums.

    Janine: Something to do with picking your nose?

    Melissa: Is there a person called Cooter Brown? Maybe it's used like "Cooter Brown, did you see that alligator over yonder?"

    Actual meaning — A measure of drunkenness, i.e., "That boy's drunker than Cooter Brown!"

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    Paul: Definitely a sex move.

    Emma: In the South they all have secret tails, and when they get together at their secret Southern parties, they get them out. Then they all get a bit tipsy and go around secretly tying knots in each others tails, and finding it far funnier than it actually is.

    Laura: So that's what the kids are calling wanking now.

    Natalie: When you pull on a knot in your ponytail, usually a rather uncomfortable feeling.

    Janine: Is it the same as taking the piss?

    Melissa: Basically saying hold your wee in. As in "I'm desperate for a wee, well you need to jerk a knot in your tail lady!"??

    Actual meaning — A threat of dire consequences, i.e., "I’m going to jerk a knot in your tail if you don't sit up straight!"

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    Janine: Something to do with explosive diarrhea.

    Emma: This sounds like something really unpleasant. What have you been doing to your geese?! In England it's the geese that terrorize us, not the other way around.

    Paul: Someone making a lot of loud noise? Possibly a sex move.

    Melissa: Poor goose is all I can say.

    Becky: A very noisy, inappropriate thing happening in a repressed environment.

    Simon: My standard Friday night.

    Actual meaning — Very fast, i.e., "You run that mouth like a bell clapper in a goose's ass."

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    Melissa: A party on a farm? Milly Cyrus's all time classic "Hoedown Throwdown" has inspired me here.


    Simon: People in the country dancing then doing sex.

    Luke: A dance in a barn. Anger over the lack of taste this displayed was the primary cause of the civil war.

    Luke: That's a folk dance, and definitely nothing to do with prostitutes.

    Actual meaning — A type of American folk dance, i.e, "Grab your fiddle and let's start this hoedown!"

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    Elizabeth: Why would you get on a stick? Is this dirty?

    Emma: When someone really pisses you off (by being a right git), so you poke them with a stick.

    Laura: Driving a tractor?

    Simon: Get smashed? On weak lager and moonshine.

    Ruth: Start driving? You guys say stick sometimes when you mean a car I think.

    Nick: A "git" is a bit of an idiot. So I guess "git on the stick" could be referring to an idiot driving a car.

    Actual meaning — To get busy working, i.e., "I can finish this BuzzFeed post by noon if I git on the stick."

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    Luke: Literally nothing. It's only used to confuse tourists.

    Melissa: I feel sorry for poultry in America, first a goose and now a hen!???

    Becky: A miserable person, perhaps your mother-in-law?

    Paul: I've kept chickens in the past and not once were they wet and in a tote sack. The fuck are you up to?

    Natalie: When you've got to stuff your sweaty gym clothes into your bag and you just KNOW it's going to stink later.

    Laura: Why do you guys want to do so many bad things to birds?

    Actual meaning — An expression of anger, i.e., "That woman was madder than a wet hen in a tote sack!"

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    Natalie: Dory from Finding Nemo's hot older brother.

    Simon: Something about a fish. A sexy fish.

    Chris: Tickety-boo

    Paul: Totes amazeballs.

    Emma: It means everything's A-OK. The British version would be "scrumdiddlyuptious" or "simply marvellous" or "alright".

    Actual meaning — Free of trouble or concerns, i.e., "Everything is totally hunky-dory right now!"

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    Emma: To be raring to go. Like a racehorse about to take off. In the South, their main transportation is horses, and this is where the saying comes from.

    Ben: Hungry as fuck?

    Natalie: Chewing on an ice lolly stick or lollipop.

    Janine: Extremely excited to have sex with a horse.

    Paul: Really keen, can't wait to do something. We use this one sometimes. We stole it. Thanks!

    Actual meaning — To express impatience, i.e., "I haven't had my coffee yet and I'm chompin' at the bit to grab one."

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    Luke: Pretty hot. Because in the South, frogs are believed to be the epitome of beauty.

    Paul: Your shampoo commercials are getting unnecessarily insulting.

    Natalie: Trick question, frogs don't have hair. So another way of describing baldness.

    Ben: Someone with a beautiful face?

    Janine: Something to do with Donald Trump.

    Laura: America is weird.

    Actual meaning — Extremely fine or excellent, i.e., "Damn! This burger is finer than a frog hair!"

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    Paul: Vagina.

    Luke: An animal that combines a cat and a hippopotamus. It's a crime against god.

    Nick: Is this an affectionate name for someone? "She's my catawampus."

    Janine: I bet it's fried and delicious with biscuit. I love biscuit.

    Natalie: A cat on steroids.

    Elizabeth: Totally clueless, but I will be using this for the rest of the day. Catawampus! Cowabunga! Shock and awe! Yee haw! We got 'im!

    Actual meaning — Skewed or awry, i.e., "My work schedule today is completely catawampus!"

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