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    16 Of The Most Fucked-Up Torture Methods From History

    Warning: This post is NOT for the squeamish! You've been warned.

    1. The Heretic's Fork

    2. The Judas Cradle

    3. Rat Torture

    4. The Brazen Bull

    5. Keelhauling

    6. Flaying

    7. The Iron Maiden

    Associated predominantly with the Inquisition, the iron maiden was a coffin-like device that was lined on the inside with spikes. The victim would be placed inside the chamber and the executioner would close the door behind them. While many have expressed doubt that it was ever used, it's easy to imagine the fear that this device would have instilled in prisoners.

    8. The Breast Ripper

    9. Lingchi

    10. Scaphism

    11. The Boots

    12. The Scold's Bridle

    13. The Chinese Torture Chair

    14. The Rack

    15. Chinese Water Torture

    16. The Breaking Wheel