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    This Is What Medieval Europe's Most Epic Moments Looked Like

    Fine print: illustrated by LEGOS.

    Medieval LEGO, a new book released by No Starch Press, chronicles the most iconic moments of Europe's middle ages–shown entirely in Legos!

    June 7, 1099: The Crusaders’ Assault – Siege of Jerusalem

    1122–1204: Eleanor of Aquitaine

    1214: The Founding of the University of Oxford

    1265: The First English Parliament Confronts the King

    1348: The Black Death

    1366–1394: Anne of Bohemia

    1386: The Marriage of King John I and Philippa

    1415: The Battle of Agincourt

    1485: Henry Tudor and the Battle of Bosworth Field

    Pick up your copy of Medieval LEGO on Amazon or wherever books or sold.