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This Is What Medieval Europe's Most Epic Moments Looked Like

Fine print: illustrated by LEGOS.

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Medieval LEGO, a new book released by No Starch Press, chronicles the most iconic moments of Europe's middle ages–shown entirely in Legos!

1122–1204: Eleanor of Aquitaine

Midieval Lego / No Starch Press

One of the most powerful women in all of medieval history, Eleanor of Aquitaine held the balance between English and French royal power.


1214: The Founding of the University of Oxford

Midieval Lego / No Starch Press

One of the most important inventions of the Middle Ages was the university—a place of higher education for young men who would go on to work for the church and state.

1348: The Black Death

Midieval Lego / No Starch Press

The Black Death was the greatest natural disaster in European history, killing 50 percent or more of the continent's population in just three years.

1366–1394: Anne of Bohemia

Midieval Lego / No Starch Press

Queen Anne of Bohemia was a peacemaker, softening her husband's heart toward wrongdoers and enemies. Anne of Bohemia has long been remembered by the English as their own beloved Good Queen Anne.


1386: The Marriage of King John I and Philippa

Midieval Lego / No Starch Press

The Treaty of Windsor was made between England and Portugal on May 9, 1386. It was sealed by the marriage of King John I of Portugal to Philippa, the daughter of John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster.

1415: The Battle of Agincourt

Midieval Lego / No Starch Press

On the morning of October 25, King Henry V positioned his army on a strip of land wooded areas, hoping to reduce the effectiveness of the superior French numbers.

1485: Henry Tudor and the Battle of Bosworth Field

Midieval Lego / No Starch Press

The Battle of Bosworth Field is considered by some to mark the end of the Middle Ages in England. It helped to restore political stability, marking the end of a truly fascinating era.

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