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This Is What Holiday Shopping Looked Like Way Before Black Friday

'Tis the season to shop 'till you drop!

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A boy and his sister inspect Christmas tree decorations in a department store, 1955 (left). Happy holiday shoppers gaze at the window displays of the shops of Washington DC in 1955 (right).


A customer at Whiteleys' department store in London triumphantly takes a television set which he bought just in time for the holiday (left). Shoppers clutching their Christmas trees at Petticoat Lane street market in London's East End in 1962 (right).

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In this 1931 photo, shoppers fill the ground floor at Macy's department store in New York City. That year a $400 million makeover gave the iconic Macy's store a sleek, new 21st century style.


In this 1955 photo, a boy and his sister inspect some stockings as they window shop for holiday gifts (left). Police officers using megaphones to direct holiday shoppers in London, 1965 (right).

In this 1939 photo, two London children stand on sandbags to see the Selfridge's Christmas window display, despite the threat of bombing raids during WWII (left). A holiday shopper struggles to keep hold of her gifts after a full day of shopping in 1963 (right).


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