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25 Things Only English Bulldog Lovers Will Understand

Who can deny those adorable wrinkly faces!?

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1. So you've thought this over time and time again. But whichever way you look at, you're 100% sure that you're totally OBSESSED with English Bulldogs.

2. There's just something about their lil' wrinkly faces that you can't deny.

3. And their goofy wobble just melts your heart.

4. And don't get you started on those cute bully booties!

5. Or those pudgy baby bellies...

6. And those little derpy smiles.

7. They have that special something that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside.

8. You just can't help but smile when they're around!

9. Seeing one on the street is like spotting a magical unicorn in the wild.

10. And there's nothing that can stop you from petting that bully.

Instagram: @donthebulldog

11. Nothing at all...

12. Seriously, NOTHING.

13. They've even creeped into your dreams at night.

14. And set an impossibly high standard for your love life...

15. And your squad goals too.

16. But at least you know your priorities in life.

17. And even though your friends might think that they're lacking in the good looks...

18. That they're a little less than graceful...

19. And that they're far less athletic than other breeds.

20. You know that true beauty is on this inside...

21. And "graceful" is just a matter of opinion.

22. You know in your heart that English Bulldogs are the bravest of the breeds...

Lance Cpl. Larry Babilya / Via

23. The best travel companions ever...

24. And the best friends you could ever ask for.


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