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    27 Of History's Most Iconic Rock Stars As Youngsters

    “You can neither win nor lose if you don't run the race.” —David Bowie

    1. David Bowie

    AP Photo

    2. Jimi Hendrix

    MARC SHARRATT/REX/Shutterstock

    3. Janis Joplin

    Terry O'Neill/Hulton Archive / Getty Images

    4. Jim Morrison

    Chris Walter / WireImage

    5. Amy Winehouse

    Getty Images for MTV

    6. John Lennon

    Public Domain
    Hulton Archive / Getty Images

    7. Kurt Cobain

    Ian Dickson/REX/Shutterstock

    8. Elvis Presley

    Hulton Archive / Getty Images

    9. Prince

    Seth Poppel / Yearbook Library
    Ethan Miller / Getty Images

    10. Stevie Nicks

    Andre Csillag/REX/Shutterstock

    11. Freddie Mercury

    "Freddie Mercury, The Great Pretender, A Life in Pictures" / Goodman Books
    AP Photo/Gill Allen

    12. Paul McCartney

    Hulton Archive / Getty Images

    13. Debbie Harry

    Seth Poppel / Yearbook Library
    ony Nutley/REX/Shutterstock

    14. Ozzy Osbourne

    AP Photo

    15. Steven Tyler

    Pictorial Parade / Getty Images

    16. Jimmy Page

    LPO MUSTO/REX/Shutterstock

    17. Björk

    AP Photo/Greg Baker

    18. Iggy Pop

    Ian Dickson/REX/Shutterstock

    19. Patti Smith

    Alan Messer/REX/Shutterstock

    20. Lou Reed
    Michael Ochs Archives / Getty Images

    21. Johnny Cash

    Hulton Archive / Getty Images

    22. Robert Plant

    JON LYONS/REX/Shutterstock

    23. Bob Dylan

    News-Tribune file phot
    xpress Newspapers / Getty Images

    24. Courtney Love

    Andre Csillag/REX/Shutterstock

    25. John Lydon aka Johnny Rotten

    Ray Stevenson/REX/Shutterstock

    26. Bruce Springsteen

    MICHEL GANGNE/AFP / Getty Images)

    27. Mick Jagger

    Stones Archive / Getty Images
    Express / Getty Images

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