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22 Of The Most Powerful Photos Of This Week

Here are the most moving, sorrowful, and beautiful pictures from the past week.

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Kyodo Kyodo / Reuters

An escaped chimpanzee screams as a man tries to capture him on the power lines of a residential area in Sendai, northern Japan, after escaping from the nearby Yagiyama Zoological Park. The chimp was eventually caught after being shot with a tranquilizer gun and falling from the power lines, Kyodo news reported.

Us Navy / Reuters

A U.S. Navy picture shows what appears to be a Russian Sukhoi SU-24 attack aircraft making an incredibly low pass towards the U.S. guided missile destroyer USS Donald Cook in the Baltic Sea. Two Russian warplanes with no visible weaponry flew near the destroyer in what one U.S. official described as one of the most aggressive interactions in recent memory.

Jacquelyn Martin / AP

President Barack Obama blows a soap bubble using a 3-D printed bubble wand designed by Jacob Leggette, age 9, of Baltimore, Maryland, while touring the 2016 White House Science Fair at the White House.

Himanshu Sharma / Reuters

An Indian Muslim devotee on a pilgrimage to the shrine of Sufi saint Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti for the festival of Urs, performs a ritual during a procession at Ajmer in the desert Indian state of Rajasthan. The annual festival of Urs is held for over six days at Ajmer to commemorate the death anniversary of the Sufi saint.

Vcg / Getty Images

People dressed as Chinese ancient soldiers perform on boats during the Qintong Boat Festival at Qin Lake National Wetland Park in Taizhou, China. The boat festival is held around the Qingming Festival every year, with this year bringing in up to 10,000 participants from nearby villages and towns.

Anadolu Agency / Getty Images

A reindeer herder standing on a snowmobile looks on at a reindeer herd near the Nomad camp, approximately 150 km from the town of Salekhard, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug in Russia.

Farah Abdi Warsameh / AP

Hassan Hanafi Haji, a former journalist accused of belonging to al-Shabab and involvement in the killings of five Somali journalists, is tied to a wooden post as he is prepared to be executed by firing squad, at a police academy in the capital Mogadishu, Somalia. Haji, who was extradited from Kenya last year on the request of the Somali government, was executed by the only remaining execution method in Somalia.

Scott Olson / Getty Images

Tambrasha Hudson is comforted as she joins demonstrators in protesting the shooting death of her son, 16-year-old Pierre Loury, near the location where he was killed on April 12th in Chicago, Illinois. Police have said Loury took off running when the vehicle he was in was pulled over by police. The chase, according to police, ended with an "armed confrontation".