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    24 Of The World's Most Insane Record Attempts

    Don't try this at home. Please.

    1. The largest gathering of "twerkers"

    2. Covered by the largest number of bees

    3. The most number of people in a car

    4. The largest prenatal yoga class

    5. The largest swimsuit photo shoot

    6. The most beer mugs carried

    7. The largest "Thriller" event

    8. The largest sushi mosaic

    9. The biggest cup of cappuccino

    10. The largest group of people having beauty treatment in the same location

    11. The longest fingernails

    12. The largest swimwear parade

    13. The largest human peace sign

    14. The longest kiss

    15. Wedding dress with the longest train

    16. The largest pair of jeans

    17. Run over by the most Jeeps

    18. The largest pillow fight

    19. Longest basketball spin while balancing on a toothbrush in his mouth

    20. The biggest barbeque in the world

    21. The largest gathering of people dressed as Mahatma Gandhi

    22. The longest parade float

    23. The largest gathering of chess games

    24. The largest freefall formation