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    14 Epic Video Game Romances That Will Level Up Your Heart


    14. Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man


    Wasn't love simpler in the olden days? Back when the perfect date was a candlelit dinner of fruit and an evening of outrunning some ghosts. Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man have been going strong for 33 years now and are undoubtedly the quintessential arcade power couple. Cheers to a hundred more!!

    13. Master Chief and Cortana

    Microsoft Studios

    You know when you care for someone so much that the sound of their voice is constantly in your head? This is literally the relationship between Master Chief and Cortana...namely because Cortana is an artificially intelligent program designed to help Master Chief throughout the Halo series. Her final appearance in Halo 4 finds Cortana using her last remaining energy to manifest as a solid hologram — and her dying wish of physical touch is fulfilled. *Tears*

    12. Jak and Keira

    Naughty Dog / Sony Computer Entertainment

    Speaking of power couple. Jak and Keira from the Jak and Daxter series are the perfect example of a fully functioning give-and-take relationship. Keira designs and builds the tech that Jak needs to complete the missions, while Jak in turn saves her father from impending doom. But finding alone time from that otter-weasel thing named Daxter is a whole different issue...

    11. Rinoa and Squall

    Final Fantasy VIII / Square

    At the beginning of Final Fantasy VIII, Squall Leonhart might not be the most likable guy. But after he shares an unexpected waltz with the lovely Rinoa Heartilly, his cold and lonely heart begins to warm up a bit. Too bad she's also romantically involved with his archnemesis and is a member of an underground terrorist organization. But, you know...true love always finds a way.

    10. Sonic and Princess Elise


    Listen, who are we to judge this relationship? True love comes in many different forms, OK? And, well...just like in the 2006 Sonic the Hedgehog game, sometimes a young human princess can become sexually aroused by an oversized blue hedgehog. IT HAPPENS.

    9. The Prince and Princess Farah

    Ubisoft / Sony Computer Entertainment

    There aren't many reasons why this relationship should work, but it does. In Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, Princess Farah is the daughter of an Indian King dethroned by an invading Persian army, while he is the heir to that invading force. Maybe this is just a bad case of Stockholm syndrome, but it could also be a testament that true love can be found in the most difficult of all circumstances.

    8. Ash and Pikachu

    Pokemon / 4Kids Entertainment

    Let's be honest for a second. It can get lonely when you're a hundred miles from home, hungry and cold in some mysterious Pokémon-ridden forest somewhere between Vermilion City and Lavender Town. Could you really blame Ash? Really?

    7. Gordon Freeman and Alyx Vance

    Like many romantic relationships in video games, this blossoming romance in Half-Life 2 was born from severe trauma and tribulation. After a science experiment accidentally opens a portal to a dimension occupied by demonic creatures, these two find themselves fighting their way through a postapocalyptic, multidimensional future in which things just generally suck. Now that's love!

    6. The Mass Effect romances

    Electronic Arts / Microsoft Studios

    There aren't very many same-sex relationships in video games today. But the open-world Mass Effect has pioneered the option to decide who your character can romance. Be it a man, a woman, or in the case of Liara T'Soni – a hyper intelligent blue humanoid from the planet Thessia.

    5. Nathan Drake and Elena Fisher

    Naughty Dog / Sony Computer Entertainment

    At times throughout the Uncharted series it's hard to tell whether Nathan and Elena will end up together. She's a strong, independent journalist looking to break the story, and he's a hotheaded treasure hunter with a knack for danger. The two opposing personalities hardly seem compatible. But in the end, it's difficult to imagine either of these characters with anyone else but each other.

    4. Leon and Ada

    Is there anything that can bring a couple closer together than a zombie apocalypse? Probably not. Throughout several Resident Evil games, Leon Kennedy and Ada Wong have proved time and time again that nothing can overcome the apocalypse more than the power of love. Also...maybe a couple of Desert Eagles and a rocket launcher.

    3. Link and Zelda / Via

    This is one of the most sincere and iconic relationships in all of gaming. Throughout the Legend of Zelda series, Link and Zelda have together endured a number of kidnappings, curses, and mythical terrors. Each time Link has acted selflessly in his missions to save Princess Zelda from impending doom, while in turn Zelda has responded with utmost kindness and loyalty. Even in reincarnation they've remained true. It's love in its purest gaming form.

    2. Mario and Princess Peach

    SuperLakitu / Via

    At first glance, Princess Peach and Mario are the epitome of video game love — but their passion runs so much deeper than that typical "damsel in distress" story. It's a tale of how true love can overcome social prejudices and how an heir to royalty can find her soulmate in the furthest thing from that — a middle-aged plumber from New York City. Adorable!

    1. Square block and L block


    The ultimate match made in gaming heaven. 'Nuff said!

    Tell us about your favorite video game couples of all time!

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